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oh i'm sorry...


here squirrely squirrely
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what happens on campsite 13 stays on campsite 13
...but campsite 11 is fair game.

"see as the bird picks at its prey...
...a taste -- of death."
'fros, 0.3 mile trails, a taste...of death, alcohol, andrew molera park, ball licking, ball licking talk, bambi & baby, beers, being down with brown, being drunk at 11am, being on the rag, big nose, big sur, black birds, buckette, bucky the party slayer, bug burning, bunnies!, campsite 13, carrying coolers, celine dion, check your onion!, cigarette butts, cigarettes, cloves, coming on your right!, creek swimming, creeks, crows, deaf rangers, disney songs, don mclean, expired sunscreen, falling, firepits, flip-flop tans, foil wrapped pancakes, garblahblah's, getting drunk, getting tp'd, gopher snakes, gushers, harassment, haunted campsites, here squirrely squirrely, huge ass sideburns, joni mitchelle, kids and critters, kings, kirkland bottled water, littering, lying about getting laid, magnifying glass, making out for chairs, man boobs, marijuana, napping, napping frequently, not showering, ovulating, pants tucked into socks, period talk, picking up trash, real world: big sur, reliving the moment, rico suave, seat backs!, secrets, shrek & fiona, skirt steak, snaggle tooth, solar hits, squirrel ghosts, squirrel tails, squirrel tossing, squirrels, stir fry, sunburns, surprise sex, taking naps, tents, the browns, the campsite 13 video, the invisible glasses, the whites, tori amos, vegan murderers, vomit fetish, wake n bake, watching squirrels get murdered, western family soda, witnessing murder, you're fired trump style, you're not my friend!, your good boob